Break Habit Loops and Unleash Your Potential!

During the last 18 days of the Whole 30 Paleo nutrition plan, I really began to notice that habit played a big role in foods I chose in given situations.

For example... every time I filled up at the gas station, I bought a KitKat.  Or, every time I buy groceries, I want a bottle of wine.  Every time I fire up the barbecue to cook supper, I want to crack open a beer.

wanted these things without actually even thinking about them.  

I began to wonder, what other choices was I making on a regular basis out of habit, as opposed to my own free will?

 How much of my day am I spending on habits that really aren't supporting me and the goals I really want to achieve?

Here is my solution to breaking your habit loops and unleashing your potential.

7 Steps to Unleashing Your Potential

1) Dream.  You have to set aside a time to quietly reflect upon your life.  This is best done on a day off, and alone.  Find a quiet place where you can sit down, with a journal/note pad.  Turn off your phone, shut down your tablets and computers.  I’d like you to draw 3 big circles.  Title the first circle as your career/ Business.  The second circle as your Relationships,  and third circle as your Personal Development.

In each circle, I want you to describe what you want for each.  And I mean really describe.  It has to be so detailed that if a complete stranger were to read it, they could picture exactly what it is you want for yourself.

Where do you want to be 1 year from now, 2 years from now, 5 years from now?   How do you want your career/business to look.  How do you want your marriage/relationship to be?  What skills do you want to develop to take you exactly where you want to go.

Forget the expectations of others.  This exercise is all about you and what you want.  No one has the right to impose their will on your destiny.


You don’t have to share this with anyone if you don’t want to.


2) Set goals.  Take the dream and develop goals to achieve it.  Goals have to be specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic with a deadline.  The goal has to inspire you.  It has to stretch you beyond your comfort zone.


3) Battle Board It.  Look at the goals you have chosen in each of the circles of your life.  Create a 1-year plan to reach those goals.  List the action-steps and plan out exactly how and what time frame you will achieve each one.  Create a battle board for the next 12 months, using 1 sheet of paper for each month.  Check out how to create a battle board here.

4) Journal.  Pick up Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner.  Every day you will ask yourself the right questions to get your day started.  Every evening you will evaluate and reflect upon your.  Every week and month you will check in with your big goals and evaluate the progress you have made towards them, using your battle board as guide.

5)  Affirmations.  Create positive, action-orientated statements that you say to yourself with conviction, out loud, every morning.  This statements should be based upon the goals you have set, and about the person you want to become.

6) Mentors.  Find people who have already become/done what you want to do.   No matter what your goals are, or where you want to go in life, chances are someone else has already done it.  Learn everything you can about them.  Read their blogs/watch their videos, or even approach them for becoming your mentor. 

7) Hire a Coach.  You’d be amazed at the powerful impact the right coach can have on you and your ability to reach your goals.  A coach is cheerleader and accountability partner you can use to keep you on track, motivated, and moving forward.

I challenge you to get this done before my next episode of Mental Health Monday is released!

Thomas Detert is a Certified High Performance Coach(TM), mental health blogger and advocate.  He is the founder of Defying Depression: an online self-help movement that encourages those suffering with anxiety and depression to learn how they can help themselves. 

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