Curing Depression - My Journey

depression mental health Jul 08, 2020


"None of us gets to choose our genes or our gender or our parents or our underlying brain chemistry:  Many risk factors for depression are out of our hands.  But no matter what life may have handed us, there's abundant evidence that WHAT WE DO can profoundly lower our vulnerability in the here and now; and in all the days ahead." -- Dr. Stephen Ilardi, author of The Depression Cure.


Depression is a mental health pandemic.  One that is not taken seriously enough by society at large.  

Statistics vary of course, but it is generally accepted that as many as 1 in 5 people will suffer from depression in their lifetime.  And that severity may be episodic, or chronic in nature.

But why is the incidence of depression so high in modern, western society, and yet almost non-existent in a modern hunter-gatherer tribe?

The Kaluli tribe of the New Guinea highlands were studied.  Over 2000 people were interviewed, and only 1, ONE even came close to meeting the diagnostic criteria of a depressive illness.

Meanwhile, in western society, depression rates are getting worse, and hitting us at younger and younger ages.

Each year, depression accounts for 1 million suicides worldwide!  

Why then is the cure for depression so elusive?  Is it, in fact, even curable?

I believe the answer to that question is yes, depression can be cured.  But unfortunately, it is not available in the convenient form of a pill that we'd all like to have!

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Thomas Detert is a Certified High Performance Coach(TM), mental health blogger and advocate.  He is the founder of Defying Depression: an online self-help movement that encourages those suffering with anxiety and depression to learn how they can help themselves. 

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