Facing Depression Takes Courage and Commitment

"Some days the battle isn't hard, ... and then there are the days from hell"

When you fight anxiety and/or depression day in and day out, taking care of yourself isn't something we can take for granted.  In fact, it makes caring for yourself much more difficult than for the average mentally healthy person.

I have battled anxiety and depression for 25 years now.  Some days the battle isn't hard, other days are average difficulty, and then there are the days from hell.  

On the difficult days, you are tempted to grab onto anything that helps lift the despair that you feel.  Sometimes we grab onto something constructive.  Other times, we may grab onto something destructive such as alcohol or drugs.

But there are other destructive forces in our lives that are equally as destructive as substance abuse, and just as difficult to deal with.  A negative work environment, a job we dread, or a toxic person can wreak havoc on your mental health.

"Finding the courage to deal with these destructive forces can be VERY difficult."

Finding the courage to deal with these destructive forces can be very VERY difficult.  And then having the commitment to push through the challenges you face in dealing with these negative influences requires nerves of steel and a deep sense of resolve.

It's so very important, though, to find the courage and make the commitment.  Leaving your job, dealing with a negative co-worker, ending a toxic relationship are not easy.  And there are often multiple fronts involved in making those changes.  Your social circle may talk ill of  you.  Your family may criticize you for separating from your spouse.

"They aren't judging you for your benefit."

Do not let someone else's judgement influence your decision to take care of you and your life.  They aren't judging you for your benefit.  They are judging you for THEIR benefit.

If you find yourself in a situation or relationship that doesn't feel right, chances are it isn't right for you.  It may suit someone else's needs of you.  Listen to your gut feelings and act on them.  The negative toxic folk will try their best to keep you under their control.  They will use every influence they have to stop you from exiting because they need to abuse you to feel better about themselves.  

"Get out, and get out now!"

Don't be that person.

If someone intimidates you or coerces you into situations you don't want to be in, get out and get out now.  Many jurisdictions have government assistance and/or charities that assist people from getting out from an abusive relationship.  Seek them out if you are in this situation.

"...the most important of which is taking responsibility for your life, your situation."

Personal Change.. personal development.. self-development.. self-help..  whatever you care to call it begins with doing the right things.  Perhaps the most important of which is taking responsibility for your life, your situation.  Once you do that, you can demand change from the one person who can make that happen -- YOU!


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