Non-Negotiable Habits: The Power to Defy Depression

Vince Lombardi said, "Winning is a habit.  Unfortunately, so is losing."

Aristotle remarked, "Excellence is not a singular act; it is a habit.  You are what you repeatedly do." defines a habit as "an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary."

A habit can be something constructive and helpful, such as working out every day.  Or, it can be something destructive such as having 3 or more beers after work to calm your nerves.

Habits, in of themselves, are neither good or bad.  Their power lies in the daily application of the behaviour pattern.

I picked up on the term, "non-negotiables" from a podcast I follow called The School of Greatness.  Host Lewis Howes often asks his guests about what are their daily non-negotiable habits that helped them to achieve and maintain their greatness in their respective fields.

If you follow any of my work, you may recall that my working theory on the cause of depression is that depression is a disconnect between who you want to be and who you have become.

I feel that using non-negotiable habits can be a powerful tool in helping you to become who you want to be, achieve what you want to achieve, and ultimately to defy or cure your depression.


Listen to the podcast episode here:

Thomas Detert is a Certified High Performance Coach(TM), mental health blogger and advocate.  He is the founder of Defying Depression: an online self-help movement that encourages those suffering with anxiety and depression to learn how they can help themselves. 

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