Accept Responsibility and Become Empowered: Anxiety and Depression

Society, Social Media, and Mental Health.


Anxiety and depression are afflictions that many people suffer from -- to varying degrees.  Mental health, in North America, is finally starting to get the attention it deserves in society.  But awareness and ending of the stigma associated with mental illness does not cure the person who suffers from these conditions.

Online today, I see a lot of social media posts, blog posts, and video posts, talking all about the stigma, the lack of understanding and compassion, and in some cases outright hostility of the depressed towards the non-depressed in terms of understanding their daily lives.  The stigma is a battle I do not concern myself with.  The stigma is inconsequential to my solution of defying depression.  

Anxiety and Depression Are ILLNESSES!

Anxiety disorders, and depression disorders are illnesses.  Let's take out the word "mental" here to avoid euphemism.  And much like any other illness I have had, I want to be cured, or at the very least have my symptoms controlled.  Likewise, if I have a broken arm, I want it healed as soon as possible.

Why then, are there so many people suffering with anxiety and depression who seemingly consider curing their illness(es) as an impossibility?  Some individuals promote that they can't be cured and society has to accept them as they are.  This mindset and attitude, is completely useless and renders the victim powerless to effect change, and to get well again.

DefyingDepression's Philosophy

Defying Depression's philosophy is very different.  We don't hold hands, we don't console.  We give tough-love advice and self-help resources that you can choose to incorporate into your life to defy your anxiety and depression.  Or you can choose not to.

Only by accepting responsibility for the outcome of your life can you start to be empowered to change it.  Your stress, your anxiety, and your depression are effectively your own fault.  (Like I said, no consoling here).  They are a direct result of the decisions you have made, and continue to make.  If you change your decisions, you can and will change your life.  You can make decisions, along with willpower, consistency, effort, and support, to reduce your stress and anxiety, and lighten the draining forces of depression.

If I Can Do It, So Can You

"What One Man Can Do, Another Can Do." -- Jules Vern

I am living proof that it is possible to defy anxiety and depression.  I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years.  I have taken university-level courses in psychology and personality theory.  I study self help materials.  I've taken personal development courses and coaching programs.  Through these efforts, I have synthesized a way to overcome my anxiety and depression.  I am no longer a victim to anxiety and depression -- I am a survivor!  I want to share my methods with you.

Yes, I do have days and even weeks where depression rears its ugly head.  But now I have methods at my disposal to minimize the effect on me.  



DefyingDepression is a self-help resource designed to help people who suffer from anxiety and depression. 

Information is provided here for general information purposes only.  It is in no way to be considered professional, medical or psychological advice. 

It is not meant to replace the role of counselling, therapy, and other professional services.

You use this information and your own discretion and risk.

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