Mental Health Tag: I Answer 10 Questions About My Mental Health

On YouTube, there is a game of tag going on between YouTubers who talk about mental health.  In this game, the person tagged has to answer 10 questions about their mental health in a video.  I volunteered to participate.

And Mercedes Sherman -- YOU'RE IT!  



In the video, I answer 10 questions:

1.  What is your mental health issue?

2.  Do you have medication or go to therapy?

3.  How long have you had mental health issues for?

4.  Do your friends and family know?

5.  Does this affect your work/daily life?

6.  What makes you feel calm?

7.  What do you do during an anxiety/panic attack?

8.  What advice would you give to others suffering from a mental illness?

9.  Describe your mental health in 5 words.

10.  Tag 1 mental health YouTuber.

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