Being Sick AND Depressed? It's a DOUBLE WHAMMY!

advice coping mechanisms Jun 19, 2019

Managing depression is a tough enough challenge for most people.  But what happens when you get sick, on top of being depressed?

I've been dealing with both for a little over 6 weeks now.  So I made a video about it and offer my advice on how to get by!


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Be Fully Present

An All Too Common Sad Situation

Have you ever been with someone, and you got the sense that even though you were right in front of them, that their mind was elsehwere?  I'm sure everyone has experienced this at some point.  I bet it didn't make you feel very good!

Unfortunately, we are...

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Toxic Relationships: Recognizing and Dealing with Them


You have the right to be treated with respect by anyone you encounter and you have the duty to be respectful.


Toxic Relationships.  We've all had them.  Usually learned a hard lesson from them.  Often, when looking back, we wonder, could we have handled...

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