Better Choices for Better Health | Mental Health Monday

Making Better Choices for Better Health includes Mental Health

The other week, I was checking my Instagram feed and came across some memes that essentially encouraged people with depression to give up and that nothing they do will matter.


We have the...

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Depression | A Rough Start to 2020 | How I Overcame Depression

This blog features an impromptu episode of Mental Health Monday.  

The video and podcast formats are available below.



School of Greatness:

Impact Theory:

The Model Health Show: ...

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Am I Anti-Medication? Conversation over a good steak dinner!

The other night, I caught up with a friend over dinner.  We ended up at Barberian's Steak House in downtown Toronto.  They had a wine list that was 108 pages long!  Great food, excellent service.

During our conversation, of course we talked about my work here at Defying...

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